Melissa Hawkins

Hey All! Lets see,where shall I start? My name is Melissa and Im 23 Yrs old from Jacksonville Florida. My Hobbies are singing,dancing,drawing(of course),Playing PLaystation ESPECIALLY The final Fantasy Series(IM KUPO FOR KUPO NUTS LOL!),Hanging out w/ my best friend Stacey,Studying History,Reading Anne Rice Novels,and Role playing in the Vampire the Masquarade . I have a lil boy who is 4 yrs.His name is Joseph Nickolas.He is my pride and joy:). Music I listen to is Madonna,Aerosmith,Jennifer Lopez,Limp Bizcuit,Eminem,Evanescence, and much much more. THIS PAGE WAS UPDATED 11/18 , A NEW VAMPIRE CHRONICLE PIC:)