Hayley van Gelder

NAME - Hayleigh. Hayz. Hell's Bells. OCCUPATION - spunger studying Ecology. AGE - 20 WRITES - often and a load of rubbish. because she has to. fantasy for escapes, scifi for disgust at the state of the world, anything else for fun. trying to be a poet. LOVES - decent music. thoughtfulness. intelligence. walking on a windy day. mushrooms. OBSESSED BY - faeries. lots and lots of fae-type creatures. 1980's fantasy films. chocolate. more faeries. HATES - dubya. wastfulness. the rapid rate at which biodiversity is going down the drain. eating meat. on occasions - herself. WANTS - the Reader to comment. lots. world peace. **THE SPOON MADE ME DO IT**


Joshua and Annabelle (Part Two)

And now we continue thier adventures . . .

Old Man Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season of the year and here's why . . .


I haven't looked at at this in such a long time...And it's gonna change. Open to suggestions on this one.

The Scian Stories

Brief descriptions of characters I've had knocking about for a while.

The Task

This was somethinng I found lurking in a shadowdy corner of my hardrive, it's so old I've forgotten almost everything about it. (All coming back now, though) It's another beginning, but one I quite liked - one day I will put a middle and an end on some of these! It's also not in a style I usually use, so I thought I'd give it a whirl ...

Golden Trouble

Just one of them random ideas . . .

Seasons' Spirits: 4.Summer

Seasons' Spirits: 2. Jack Frost

Seasons' Spirits: 3.The Fae of Spring

Joshua and Annabelle (Part One)

Typical story of childhood sweethearts - or is it?? ;)

The Spring Moonlight Ball

Ready everybody ... 'Awwwww'

The Vampress and The Fool

This is my first short story that I actually managed to finish. Therefore the quality is far from what it could be. Be it is the fact that it is the FIRST that it shall remain as it is. For posterity - like.