Debby Zoetemelk

Hi my name is Debby and I live in the Netherlands. How should i describe myself? Well the first thing that comes to mind is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! least thats what my friends call me when I once again spend my nights painting. I can't help it though, my inpiration usually comes at night or other inconvenient times (like when your supposed to do something else). I guess absolutely crazy will do :-)  I like Movies, reading (mostly fantasy of course), painting, dancing and spending time with my friends. Favourite movies Star Wars, Star Trek, Equilibrium, Stardust, LOTR, Pan's know what's easier to name the movies I don't like ....and it makes the list al lot shorter....however...i can't think of any right now. Favourite books Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Ekantris, the Mistborn novels, and the novels by Feist.