Debby Zoetemelk

Hi my name is Debby and I live in the Netherlands. How should i describe myself? Well the first thing that comes to mind is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!! least that's what my friends call me when I once again spend my nights painting. I can't help it though, my inpiration usually comes at night or other inconvenient times (like when your supposed to do something else). I guess absolutely crazy will do :-)  I like Movies, reading (mostly fantasy of course), painting, dancing and spending time with my friends. Favourite movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Equilibrium, Stardust, LOTR, Pan's Labyrinth, you know what's easier to name the movies I don't like ....and it makes the list al lot shorter....I really don't like movies about ghosts, I can't sleep for days after. Favourite books: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Elantris, the Mistborn novels, the outlander novels and the novels by Feist.