Holly Brouillette

I am a girl who drew since she was itty bitty and never took an art class. In fact, I am not allowed! Instead I have to take Spanish in order to get to college so all of the drawing I do is learned and done on my own time. I did take a small art class in kingergarden but all it taught me was 'never to color outside the lines'. I also took an art class in my eighth grade year but no drawing was included in the classes. They were strictly clay crafts and making clay sculptors. I also took up writing at a young age. It was always about fantasy and I was always making up stories to tell friends. Recently, I got an award at school called the 'Young Writers Award' for the 'most creative person...never have a seen such writing in all my years of teaching...a true natural.' Made me turn scarlet. As far as drawing goes, I like to sketch and use colored pencils and just recently took up watercolors and bought a set of acrylic paints. I inherited boxes and boxes full of art supplies from my meme (my grandmother) who is one of my biggest inpirations and idols. In fact, she painted every person in the family a picture to have in their homes. I got mine last (being the baby of the family) and it is a beautiful butterfly watercolor painting. Although it is watercolor it didn't inspire me to start with painting... I guess, though, my biggest influences are Amy Brown and Brian Froud. I recently bought 'The Art of Amy Brown' and I am intriqued at her watercolor paintings. I also, want to buy 'Good Faeries, Bad Faeries' by Brian Froud. I found it in hardcover at Barnes and Noble and I quickly breezed through the pages. My mom was there and saw some of the 'naked ladies' as my mom put them (they were just sphinxes!) and snubbed the book. I had to explain that I take art like that in no way offensively. But, I don't think she understands... I love to read anything by J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling (both British authors). I also enjoy reading books by Avi, and the Cronicles of Narnia. My goals as an artist is to be able to have a more professional perpective and more beautiful design to my paintings. I had the privelidge to check out the galleries before I joined and I am awed by the talent that I am in the company of. I just hope that I can be equally as awe-inspiring with good technique practice and proper experimenting. As a writer, I would like to be able to read my stories like I had not written them and yet see everything that I was trying to describe and all the messages to be expressed.