When I was a student I used to doodle a lot on the corners of my notebooks ... Now that I've become a teacher, I can hardly go on drawing in the corners of the board (some students might realise it). This finally drove me to buy pastels, then watercolour, then CG software, and begin to use colour, which I found to be really enjoying ! So : I'm a geography and environment teacher and researcher in a Mediterranean French university, a fact that I don't find totally alien to my liking of fantasy and landscapes. Nonetheless I only draw and paint in my spare time, and that's when I'm not paragliding or skiing - though I sometimes daydream about doing this for a living... Days are too short ! (and I hope some of my colleagues or students won't think reading this that I've too much spare time ...) I like reading fantasy, my favourite authors beeing (among others) Tolkien, Pratchett, Robin Hobb, George RR Martin, and recently JK Rowling, and I'm more and more drawn to the pleasure of illustrating precise scenes or characters. There's still much to improve, though!