Hélène Bruneton

Welcome to my fanquarter gallery! Here you'll find my illustrations for the Harry Potter books. I'm trying to stay away from the visual influences of the movie as much as possible, just because I feel it's more interesting to try to translate words into pictures than to copy pictures into other pictures. And Rowling's world is such a rich one! As for who I am... French, Geography lecturer, in love with imaginary worlds, and also with real mountains and landscapes of all kind. Paraglider pilot, adept of out of tracks skiing, amateur artists sometimes daydreaming about doing it for a living. Fan of Tolkien and Pratchett and Robin Hobb and George RR Martin and so many others as well, enjoying the works where fantasy and magic is somewhat hidden, subtle or mingled with reality. I'll be glad to see you in my other gallery as well! It's here. Though I must warn you that there are a lot of half finished sketches and quick paintings as well... As for this particular gallery, there are some older painting I'm not so proud about any more. But heh, I guess I'll leave them here, as I liked them enough to put them here once! The Lupin and Peeves one as well as the Sirius and Crookshanks one might disappear first if I need to clear the room for other paintings, though. Also, I notice a slight Black trend... Well, it's likely to change a bit in the future, but probably not that much. Depends on what my friends ask me to draw and on my ablility to draw more Siriuses that please me! Thanks for visiting!