Heather Harvey

Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my fan art page. I love anime and manga, as I am sure you can see. I am a fan of Gargoyles, and do the occasional Gargoyle piece, and I used to be very devoted to Elfquest. My main obsession these days, however, is World Of Warcraft. It's an addiction, I tell ya. :D Kisna Quimby| Melisa Zaragoza|Beth Blackburn | Tanja Meurer|Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn|Donna Bond|Duncan Maclean|Li Vincent|Sarah Collver|Joeie Paul|Laura Rhoades-Stovall|M. Veronica Silva|Christine 'Blackwidow' Landrie|Lisa 'Baka Shinigami' Gilbert|Liv Lingborn|Karasu Bender|E-Chan|L-Chan|Jessica Douglas|Arylkia|A. Teicher|C.J. Meier|Paul Carter PS: I do my fan art pieces in my style, rather than trying to match the original art exactly. So, if you think the characters look different, well, they are supposed to. :D