Heather Martin

Well here I am! I am known to all my friends, acquaintences, and assorted other bystanders as 'The Natural Disaster.' As for the work you will find on this hallowed page, it will mainly be silly stories, or incredibly depressing poems. I'm sorry but there is virtually no middle ground! Good luck on finding something you like!

I Spin the Illusions

A typically depressing poem. Fairly light, compared to my norm.

Black Diamonds

Silly, silly stuff. Kitiara is the victim of a hyper bimbo princess. I really love this story, I hope you do to!

Blackbird Flying

Another poem, because they take a lot less time to get out of my head! It reminds me a bit of Fushigi Yuugi, but its not fanfiction I swear! Typically depressing, though.