11.02.2013: Jenny Waz Here  12.31.2011 Well, another year has gone by and I haven't loaded anything here! I do have news though, PSP Tubes of my art are now available through PSP Tube Stop  www.psptubestop.com  ! Most of this is Sketchfest stuff,   which is my addiction: www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=59  This is where all my new art is! I also have a Facebook Fan page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Jenny-Heidewald-The-Art-of/141951095880800 I wish everyone a happy 2012! (5/21/2012: I am currently having trouble updating my links here, it won't let me paste, and the link inserter makes them say" void java script"!  So I typed them in, if you have trouble with them (I might have typoed) do a search on my name and the pages will pop up. :) ) I've been doing a lot of work for Ellen Million's Portrait Adoption My gallery here .  2/7/04 and 3/20/04  I was artist of the day! 12/25/03:Another mod's choice ('Golden Faun')! 3/28/03 My picture is a sketch of me as an elf done by Larry Elmore! Yes, I got approval from the appropriate parties. :) Larry Elmore's Official Site   2/22/03 The jokes are from here: Scottish Humor  Be sure to check out my other galleries!  August 19, 2000 My style...Elmore-ish Pini-ish Gibson-ish Celtic music & other things = Heidewald-ish. I would like to try and draw everything at least once, and try to keep my art inspirational, and original (most of the time, the occasional 'bikini clad warrior babe' sneaks in...:) ). I work in  Photoshop,mechanical pencil, watercolor pencil, colored pencil, black and colored Micron pens, markers,watercolor, absolute matte paint, a little bit of oil pastel and have done a few oil, and acrylic, paintings. I draw these things so that other people can see the beauty in art, and in turn become inspired themselves. I am inspired by Celtic music, and The Greatest Ever Artist: Larry Elmore: Who has painted/drawn/inked such beautiful things, making me want to put my characters in color too. And last, but *certainly* not least, my Love, and now my husband, one Alexander D. Mitchell IV, also known as Sandy. I like Art, reading, fantasy, sci-fi, manga/anime, biking, camping, the beach, mountains, Celtic Music. Favourite movies The Last Unicorn, Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, Pretty Woman, First Knight, Mr. Bean, any of the Jurrasic Park movies ("and then comes the running and the screaming") Tripletts of Belleville Favourite books Dragonlance, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, Andre Norton, Mercedes Lacky, Anne McCaffrey, Jo Clayton, Sherri S. Tepper, Patricia McKillip. One of my favorite books is God Stalk, though I can't remember the author's name right now!. My favorite Fantasy artists include Larry Elmore, Jody Lee, and more. Favourite music Celtic, as well as techno ( my current craze) and stuff like Coldplay, and the Ting Tings. I have a wide variety of tastes.