Jenny Heidewald

10/17/2014 :Wow...come back and Elfwood is....! ..... and I have been here since 1999! I am not even sure what gallery this is( fantasy art, fan art) , if they finally combined everything or what! I12.30.2011  ??? I thought these galleries were together now?  11.17.05: Well, I cleaned this gallery up a bit, added a few new pictures. I guess I need to draw more fan art because it is really hard finding enough to keep this gallery open!  4/2/03 I've been ordered to take down DL Fan Art and move them to Loth. 2/22/03 I decided to add Scottish jokes to my pictures! These come from Scottish Humor :) 11/9/02 About the picture of me: I've been wanting to post this for a while but waited to get approval from certain parties before going ahead and doing so. This is a sketch of me as an elf done by Larry Elmore!!!  Larry Elmore's Official Website Fan art, fan art...I can finally put up some Elfquest ones. There is also a gallery of mine in a Strongbow fan website: Strongbow Art