Heidi Mune' Jackson

\I've finally bought a scanner! yay go me! I also would like to thank everyone for all the hits. I'm almost at 30,000 and it means SO much to me! I would also like to thank everone for all the comments. And I apologize I havn't been getting around to reply to each and everyone of them. But I do assure you i read EACH AND EVERYONE. I get the night email from elfwood showing me all my comments. It just takes me a bit to get around to replying to all of them. But again I appreacite them all! Don't feel like cuttering up my elfwood so my 'real' bio is Here. UPDATES!!! April 8th:Kanoe, as well as uploaded TONS of new things in my Fantasy gallery. Dec 24th: Yuri Angel. Fanart is the name, and anime is the game =D I looove looove loooove anime and manga, hense all the fantart =p My favs are Sailor Moon (the manga, because the anime is horrid compared to the manga) HUUUUGE Clamp fan, anything by clamp is worth a read or a watch. My most fav thing done by them is Clover, one of the most touching stories I've ever read. I love many others. Evangelion, Inu-yasha, DBZ, Tenchi, Wanderers, Lodoss War, just to name a few. I'm really into older anime such as things like the original Vampire hunter D, Project A-ko and DevilMan. LOL 80's anime Pwns us all! I'm also heavily into RPG games, so I have a few pictures of characters from my favortie games as well. I also believe in the comment for comment policy, so 9 times outta 10 if you comment here I will eventually find your gallery and return the favor. Requests, ArtTrades, Collaborations, Commissions: All info is Here. Commission info is Here. My Tours: 'Art Nouveau at its Best' Tour, 'Beautiful Women of Scifi' Tour, 'Children of Lloth' Tour, 'Lilena's Favs' Tour, 'Lilena's Favs Part 2' Tour 'Best of Clamp' Tour. Currently Working On: Working on getting some pictures colored in photoshop. Here are some FanQ galleries that are a TOTAL must see. Jessi 'Thorn' Jordan-|-Sara K. Parick-|-Rebekah Lynn-|-Elizabeth Lee-|-Marisa Arias-|-Nancy L Farmer-|-Mark Lin-|-Sarah 'Dreamie' Walker-|-Howard Faria


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