Jukka-Pekka Heikkinen

is an 19 year old student in the Economics school of Oulu, and will try to draw some more pictures soon. His interest lie in reading (fantasy and sci-fi) drawing, larping, roleplaying and the occasional computer game or two... he also has an never ending project to collect an army of Skavens to Warhammer Fantasy Battle and an another army of Space Wolves to Warhammer 40k... He likes to listen metal music and has now been corrupted by a friend to watch Anime.... He decided to put up this page as he has been checking his friend's (Markku Juhani Peltoniemi) site here at elfwood... yes he is still learning to draw but he'll put some pics by himself and some by his beloved to this site.... you will notice the difference... Yes... any drawing tips are welcome... i started to draw actively again just this fall so the pic's ain't so great... exept the Wynn pic's that are drawn by Neko Seijuro... a friend of mine and a love long lost.... He was in the Finnish Army from 8.1. 2001 to 6.7. 2001 There has been a break in my drawing due to some heavy and sad times in my life... I hope i get my inspiration up and running again..... but it should come around nicely... will soon uploud... wait patiently...

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