Moreaghn, Avatar of Evil, Destroyer of Nations

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Laura Heinze

This is my player chaacter when I made her betray the party and become the avatar of the evil lich, Lord Proxid, that the party had been fighting to destroy the entire campaign. In game she was cursed by him through a scying pool and forcred to do many evil things. I smile when I think of just how devious I made her. She had some really cool powers as an avatar. She could change self at will as many times as she felt like, she had a death stare that she could cast three times a day by just staring at her victim(the victim had to rool a saving throw vs. spell to avoid its affects, if they failed their saving throw they had a 75% chance of cowering under their bed in fear for three days and a 25% chance of outright dying of fear on the spot), Moregahn was also a 7th level cleric at the time which being an avatar allowed her to cast as a 9th level caster, she also cast cause fear by just looking into a victum's eyes, 18/00 stregth, a 10 THACO with her short sword, and when she was seen as in her true form as depicted by the drawing everyone within sight of her had to roll a saving throw vs. paralyzation because she was just too scary, if they failed their roll they were useless for one round and they were reduced to half strength. She was so cool to play! By the way, as an avatar she was undead and became carnivorous, eating many elves of the sylvan glades, and coolest of all, she rode a Nightmare. Right now I am coloring her, she looks far better that way.

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