'Hekate' is a great fan of art, and in her non-existant free time, she draws any number of things, from her friends (at their request), to the things that can be found here. She has a great afinity for dragons, and has spent much time trying to perfect those blasted wings, and has yet to succeed. She also draws alicorns, unicorns, angels (not necessarily of the Christian faith, sorry), and other things, though that seems to be what takes up the majority of her time. Other than drawing, she enjoys writing. Mainly short, one-or-two page drabbles along the Harry Potter persuasion, and some original work, as well. If you like what you see here, she is more than willing to take commissions or requests, but she would like to kindly warn that they may not be done in a timely manner. She is a horrible procrastinator. She does, however, promise it will get done to the liking of the commissioner, and would like to beg said comissioners to please have patience with this humble soon-to-be college student. She has recently been on a unicorns kick, and spends a great deal of time drawing her favourite variety, the black unicorn. Her special subject is named Oban who is, thankfully, very patient and willing to aid her in her pathetic attempts at artistry. He has transformed slightly from her first drawing of him (which is already up), and is now a combination between the European unicorn and the Middle Eastern variety (or at least trying to be). Someday, she hopes to attempt a Ki'irn, but asks those who read this to please not expect one any time soon. She needs to find a good refrence, first, thank you. The artist would also like to humbly announce that she won first place in her division at the County Faire in the summer of 2004. The drawing that won is on this site, being one Out of the Darkness.