Helen Pye

Hi, I'm 18 and I live in Leicester, which is right smack bang in the centre of that stereotypically permantently foggy little island off the coast of Europe, possibly known in some circles as England. I may have put pen to paper for the art below, but please be aware that all the art is copywrited by respective companies: X-Men by Marvel Comics (TM), Sandman by Neil Gaiman Discworld by Terry and Lyn Pratchett, Warhammer by Games Workshop, LOTR by New Line, etc.; or by the artists/companies. Please check out my fantasy gallery and library, it helps to satiate my need for attention. I eventually got round to those links.... Courtney Weger Cantrell - one very lovely lady with beautiful art. Joeie 'Wildberry' Paul - another brilliant woodswoman with beautiful work. Derek the Hendercrazy - brilliant comic book artist, and a generally great person. Priscilla Spencer - beautiful art and CG work. Great Discworld and Harry Potter art as well. Charlotte Witsenburg - the amazing pineapple. Oh, and some great Games Workshop art as well. NEW: Arwen, Gambit, Gambit Chick and Cyclops Chick. Go see! Currently working on more LOTR portrait stuff, to be on the way soon!

Queen of the Morning

Both these poems are written about the Morning Angel image, but they have slightly interpretations. So I thought it appropriate to post them together.

Axe Happy

I have to say that the tone was greatly inspired by reading work set in the Warhammer universe, though not actually set in it.


The oldest story that I wrote - it's about six years old. I don't know whether the historical references are accurate - I couldn't be bothered to check.


This poem's about a feeling of change as a creature of the night stalks it's prey. It could be a werewolf or a vampire - take you pick.

Prince Monologues: Kraken

Just working my way through some myths and fairy story situations here. Anyone got any suggestions for who should complain next?

Strange Webs Part 1

Several years old, but one of the better ones I did. There are more parts to follow, if not necessarily an actual ending. But please tell me what you think before I blindly post all of it.

Prince Monologues: Dragon

Think the complaints about stereotypical princes might be turning into a series.

Prince Monologues: Princess

Inspired by another poem I read slagging off princes.

Prince Monologues: Queen

One highly put out queen, who can't seem to get rid of those pesky kids - and no, I don't mean the Scooby gang.