I hate bios, but I guess I should fill something in... Well, I've had an interesting life indeed. I grew up living in a castle built in thirteenth century and now I live in a chateau (built in fifteenth century, almost destroyed during the communist era here). My parents have an interesting job...;-) And living at such places will influence you, whether you like it or not (I like it a lot). I am a terribly lazy, unpractical person. But at least a little creative. Spending most of the time daydreaming, playing computer games, reading, writing, listening to music, drawing or something like that. I like 19th century romantic, symbolist and decadent writers, mythology, medieval literature and music, anything baroque (esp. clothing and music), gothic and darkwave music, fantasy, good art (and my view of what is good is very, very 'behind the times')... Well, a list of likes and dislikes could be quite long, so lets finish. This will have to do...;-)