Helle Jorgensen

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I am an anthropologist and compulsive doodler with a great love for the fantastic genres, comics, and books generally. Offsite I do research and teach at the university after finishing my PhD. My kind friends assure me that I am a horrible nerd. I can’t help it!By habit I mostly work with graphite pencils, occasionally with a bit of digital correction after scanning the images. However, I've been working on developing my range of artistic mediums and styles, including watercolours and inked works.  As I continue I'll be happy to read your comments and constructive criticism. I’m an enthusiastic being who responds to comments and repays the favour to fellow artists, so drop me a word to show that you’ve been around!Here on Elfwood I've had the great pleasure of doing collaborations with four lovely artists, namely Lena Yn, Anne Wipf and Richard Svensson, as well as having a vivid exchange of ideas with Vince Bernardo. I can warmly recommend a visit to their wonderful galleries!