Helen Tuck

Hello and welcome to my gallery!Im a 17 yr old and I'm studying Art and Graphics at college as well as Physics but I ain't gonna talk about that. Fantasy/Sci-fi art is what I really love to do but it seems that my teachers don't like it so much...Anyway, what inspires me...nature I suppose and my best friend Kelly who is most definately my muse ^_^ she is an amazing insperation and somehow I can always draw well in her presence! I guess my goals in life are to be an ace rock climber do an art degreeOh BTW your welcome to take a look around my zone galleryas well.I also do personal commitions so if you have any just mail me using the link to the right!I tried being nice to get comments. I tried being nasty. Neither worked so I'm not gonna say another word on the subject. I hope you like what you see.