Alexa Hendrickson

Hola everybody. Welcome to my fan-art gallery First off, I try to draw all of my fan-art in the style that the real characters are in. (unless they are real people then I try to make it look realistic...) I don't really have much more to say besides that you'll probably see more and more Tim Burton fan-art as time progresses...he's my favorite *____* *worships Tim*

Forever Mythic: Chapter 4

...Why does everything happen to me?

Beyond the Land of the Dragons: Chapter One - Martin the Great

When the Age of the Dragons came, when mists and magic were new, Power was given to Man. Creatures of magic decent became myth, and the Greats became legendary.

Clouded Skies: Chapter 1

A sorceress and a warrior, both coming from different sides of being outcasted come together for the start of a magnificent journy.

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 4

Unsure of what's to happen....

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 5

Hidden behind a familiar face.

Twilight Mythics: The Final Chapter (Chapter 9)

The final battle.

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 1

Your not-so-average vampiric countess gets tossed into an adventure like no other.

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 3

The story continues!

Clouded Skies: Chapter Two

Just for you Kimberley! *gives hugs*

White and Black

All of my characters have poems, this is that of my beloved baddie, Malice

Beyond Hayte: Chapter 1

Have you ever been beyond hate? When cruelty and torture are too good for those who deserve it? Have you ever wanted to taste the sweet blood of death, release the anger you’ve held onto so long? Have you ever gotten to that point when you don’t care about the consequences, or what you may end up doing? Have you ever broken a promise to be kind, and wreck havoc on the innocent? There comes a time when we all feel such hate. For some, it’s only a momentary thought that crosses the mind. For others, it’s a one time commitment in which they regret the moment it’s over. And yet, there are the occasional few like myself, who only live to smile as people die at our hands.

Forever Mythic: Chapter 5 should have listened, and others...not so much...

Forever Mythic: Chapter 3

Somethings just give me the heebie-jeebies...

Forever Mythic: Chapter 2

And a threat to your people is my problem...why?

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 2

Vanessa's adventure continues.

Shadows of Light

Vanessa's character poem

Clouded Skies: Prologue

Long long ago...when mists and magic existed...

Forever Mythic: Chapter 1

The Twilight Chronicles continue... Welcome to Book 2.

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 8

The end is soon to come....

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 6

Who to believe? A life long friend? Or a new love?

TM Revised: Chapter 1

For all who read this, PLEASE give me suggestions on how to make it better as this is the version that will be sent away to the publishers...I want it to be the best it can be and if y'all can help me achieve that, it will be appreciated very much. Thank you.

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 7

An unexpected turn