Henk Brouwer

Hmm, some information about me for those that care to read this kind of stuff.. I'm 29 and live in Utrecht, a town in the Netherlands. Currently I'm doing a PHD on the taxonomy of phytophthora species (plant pathogens). This does involve making drawings of microscopic structures of these species, definitely fun but quite different from the artwork you'll see here :-). About the drawings: Most of my work is done in pencil as you can see, I haven't got much practice in other techniques but I hope to upload some work in other media in the future. As I mentioned I never took any art-lessons (at all), though I should have. I guess the good thing about that is that I got to develop my own style instead. any comments/critisism are appreciated, I enjoy reading them :-) Also check out the library of Raoul Meuldijk , a good friend of mine, some really nice stories there. updates : 17 november 2007: updated my profile and added to new computer colored pictures that I made recently.