Lisa Osman

I am currently addicted to seed beads. It's the colors I love. I'm also about to start college so this could either mean more art out of me or less because I'm too busy to post what I'm doing. I like seed beads, miniatures, dragons, wings, birds, fantastical, complicated books, miles vorkosigan, bujold, george r r martin, china miƩville, robin hobb, feathers, cats, chocolate, reading, drawing, painting, welding, the last unicorn Favourite movies the last unicorn, serenity, labyrinth, 5th element, firefly, gargoyles, spirited away, what dreams may come, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, utena Favourite books the ordinary princess, sleep of stone, beauty, deerskin, the immortals, clockwork orange, grass, miles vorkosigan books, perdido street station, the scar, the iron council, song of ice and fire