Hila Gerasy

Welcome to my little clearing of the Wood. Have fun!-What's that?-you want to know who I am?-*sigh* Ok. I'm a 27-year-old girl, from Israel. I'm a passionate fantasy reader, and love fantasy art. My old-time favorite artist is Larry Elmore, although there are a lot of other great ones, and everytime I see beautiful drawings I wish I could draw that well... I love playing D&D, and have been playing on-and-off since the 9th grade or so. Each time I start playing a new character, it inspires me to draw her, and those are usually my best drawings. Beside fantasy, I like to read mystery, comedy and SiFi, and do some writing myself. There's one person to be thanked I'm here (or blamed), and she is Maya Senn, a friend and a talented artist. She found out about Elfwood and convinced me to join. So if you liked my works, make sure to visit her gallery and thank her personally.