Hillary Kent

Well hello there and welcome to a little piece of my world!  Especially if you are a fellow fantasy lover (which I must assume you are considering you are on this website in the first place) :)  Well...where to start?  I guess with the fact that I have  been reading 200 page books since I was five years old, and like most bookworms, I can never get enough.  I always used to dream up my own story lines with the characters that I was reading about or sometimes make up an original fantasy all on my own.  It wasn't until I was about fifteen that I smacked myself on the head and started putting some of this stuff down on paper!  Please feel free to look around and PLEASE COMMENT on anything that you read.  Like everyone else here I want to try to improve in any way that I can, so I won't object to criticism; in fact, it is welcome.  Also, if you want me to read over a specific story/poem, then feel free to email me at hillarymkent@ureach.com.  I can never find enough books to read, and so I would be more than happy to take a look at something for you.  Just be prepared for some lengthy feedback!  Thanks for all your help and I'll see you around the forest! I like ...are many and varied. I am currently a college student majoring in Physics, who can also never, ever stop reading or writing because it's just too fun. :) Most of my spare time is taken up with hanging out with my younger brother, taking walks in the woods near my house, or taking martial arts classes. When I'm not studying, of course. Favourite movies My favorite fantasy movies (at the moment) are The Fall, Stardust, and The Lord of the Rings (all three, of course). Favourite books Well, it's always hard to pick out my favorites, because there are a lot that are so good! Here goes anyhow... Classics: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Lord of the Rings, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. More Recently: Eragon series, The Series of Unfortunate Events (even though they are kids books, they are a really fun read), The Farsala Trilogy, and Inkspell. Anther of my favorite books is called "Writing Begins With the Breath." It is a nonfiction book on writing, and I found it extremely helpful. It does not focus on grammar or formatting, but rather on imaginative story lines and creative, interesting characters. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in creative writing.

When the Green Moon Shines

I wrote this story recently for the reverse illustration contest at Elfwood.  It is based on the picutre The Assassin's Trial by Yoni Danziger. (the link is: http://goni.elfwood.com/The-Assassins-Trial.3526208.html). 

The Forbidden Mountain - Part 3 of 3

Part 3 is the final chapter to this story.  Not much more to say really, except let me know if you loved/hated it at the end. :)Updated on 6/3/2011

The Forbidden Mountain - Part 2 of 3

This is the continuation on part 1.  We find out much more about Sir Ryan's quest and the secrets of the Mountain. Comments, as always, are greatly appreciated. Updated 6/3/2011

The Forbidden Mountain - Part 1 of 3

This story is another one of my experimentations in unusual writing styles and settings.  It's about a knight who is given a task that seems simple (to climb the mountain), but it isn't. As usual, feel free to drop me a line at the end, and let me know what you think.  Thanks!Updated on 6/3/2011

Forsaken: Part 7 Showdown

Hello again!  At long, long last, here I am, back with the long promised next chapter to Forsaken.  Sorry about the extended wait, but, hey, at least its here now. :)In this part, we hear a lot more answers and a lot less new mysteries (finally).  Most important of all though, we FINALLY find out who Terien really is.  Read on for the rest, and don't forget to let me know what you think. Part 8, and the conclusion to the Forsaken will follow shortly...

Forsaken: Part 8 Tangled Truth

Aahh, finally.  The conclusion to the Forsaken is here!  Sorry it took so long, folks, but I must say its nice to have it finally finished.  Read on for more revalations about all three of my tempermental heroes, and don't forget to drop me a line at the end.Cheers!

Forsaken: Part 4 A Change of Plan

At long, long last, here is the infamous part 4 to my ongoing legend of the Forsaken!  Parts 1 to 3 were one of the first things I published here at Elfwood over a year ago, and I decided one day, quite randomly, that I may as well break out the word file and finish it.  (What can I say, I was bored)  So, here you are, part 4 all jazzed up and ready for all those lovely (or confused, depending on your reaction) comments.  Enjoy. 

Forsaken: Part 5 The Forgotten City

Part 5, just as part 4, is was also completed this weekend--after much banging my head against the keyboard.  In which we meet: a fairy, a ruined elfin city, and another murder.  More about the elf, more about the girl, and generally more about the plot, is also included.  Feel free to chastise, condemn, admire, hate, criticize, or generally turn into a soppy fan, as long as you tell me about it at the end. 

Forsaken: Part 6 Breaking Away

Ok, so this is about as far as I have gotten at the moment with the legend of the Forsaken.  No, don't laugh, I really mean that.  Usually when I have chapter stories like this going I have it all completed, or am at least several chapters ahead of what I publish, before it is uploaded just in case I want to go back and tweak anything.  This time, however, I'm just putting it up here and waiving all tweaking rights.  The ending will come eventually, but I can't ever seem to set (or keep) deadlines when it comes to Forsaken, so I can't promise when.  What I'm trying to say is don't get your hopes up. Anyway, in this sixth and climatic chapter, several exciting things happen including: Vayrual storming at random people, Terien doing something rather rash (or perhaps he had the whole thing planned, you never really know with him), and Seril makes a completely irrelevent discovery.  Enjoy it, or not, at your own discretion. 

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 4

Behold!  The fourth and final chapter regarding the uninteresting Damien, Sammy the Talking Squirrel, The Wizard, and a Deadly Dragon (otherwise known as D.D.).  To find out which of the deranged characters finally gets tossed into the Fiery Furnace, just read on. 

Writer's Block

I don't know about you, but just about everything I write down looks kind of like this until I can work up the courage to beat it into somehting resembling a good poem and/or story.  Ah, the trials of writing!  It never ends...

The Day I met Death

Ah, ok.  So I was in an odd mood when I wrote this, so don't hold it against me.  Having a conversation with Death might be someone's idea of a nightmare, but this may just put that opinion in a new light.  After all, Death does know how to be polite. Of course, don't forget to dash off a comment or two when you're finished.  Personally I don't understand what everyone has agains the poor guy, er girl (if you believe my story), but I would like to know what you think. 

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 3

And here is part 3, the  marvelous continuation of the Unwanted Adventures of Damien.  In which we encounter; a Deadly Dragon, a damsel in distress, and (finally) the Fiery Furnace.  For more details, read on...

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 2

Who knows what's up the The Author's sleeve this time?  A surprising creature, a fantastic wizard, and an unfortunate misstep occur while the Fiery Furnace still looms imminently...

I Spy

It's always hard to fight a battle when you know there's a spy somewhere... This is one of the first Sci-Fi short stories I've written, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Comments, as always, are appreciated.

Dave the Dragon

You know in all the epic duels, the knight always, always wins.  What's up with that anyway?  The poor dragons never have a chance.  At least, that's what Dave thinks. This poem is one of my first, and a comedy.  It also has a very terribly funny ending.  Enjoy.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 1

Have you ever wondered what your character might think if it knew that it was in a story written for someone's entertainment?  Well, the unfortunate hero of this story does.  And he objects.  Strongly. Updated (to adjust some minor grammar errors) on 6/3/2011

The Universe

Ok, this one is a bit repetitive, but I think it reads outloud really well.  It's my first atempt at SciFi poetry (not usually a popular topic, but fun nevertheless).  It was partially inspired by The Raven by Edgar Alen Poe (I liked the creepy quality he puts in his poems) and it's also one of my longest.  Please don't scroll down to the end or anyting since you'll probably get confused...it changes a lot and the end sort of sneaks up on you.


This is just something I wrote while really bored.  It's still kind of rough, but I like the plot...enjoy!

Forsaken: Part 3 Anger's Tide

And here is part 3.  Once again, any comments/suggestions for corrections are more than welcome.


Just something I came up with while dreaming about flying...not much more to say really.

Forsaken: Part 2 Dangerous Company

Continuation on part 1...a bit more about the mysterious elf. Updated only once so far, so any corrections/ideas that you may have (however small) will be very much appreciated. 


This is a about a soldier thinking his last thoughts before he dies. A little depressing, I know. I was thinking about the definition of 'hero' when I wrote this, about the nobility that sets some people apart from the normal. Comments/ crtitisicm are welcome, as always.


Another poem I came up with a long time ago and just finished recently. It's a bit more of a story than my other ones.

Forsaken: Part 1 Turmoil

This is one of the first short stories I have ever written, so please excuse the few rough spots.  I am still working on revising and updating it, just for the practice, really.  I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas you have that may help.