f. hiromitsu

i'm going off to see the eagle nebula. ja-ne. * means poems, everything else are short stories


this is one of the first 'fantasy' poems i've written, i guess, it's kinda old but i still like it. the result of driving home at sunset.


ha, i actually finished this short storie be very amazed!!!!


tis a poem of a battle that i saw listening to my muuusak.

at night

inspired by Zachariah Campbell's picture Lantern Eyes here on elfwood


i have no other title for it... it's kinda a stupid title... eh. oh well. poem! em.... inspired after reading the first two books of the OTORI TALES. those good books man!

prince collyn's quest

short fairy tale like story. meh. i had fun writing it. oh and a marabou is a stork like birdi found in africa and india.


laughing is always fun

*winter fae

crazy as it is, i wrote this in may... long way from winter!!! maybe the heat was starting to get to me.

the bridge

mmm, this is actually old. *ahhh!* i haven't written anything new. how sad. oh well. it's kinda like a mix of the three billy goats gruff and ... i don't know.

*the angel and the sea

a poem that i found in one of my notebooks, HAPPY BIRTHDAY?


the title has nothing to do with the poem... i didn't konw what to call it so my sister said, 'call it necklace and confuse everyone.' so ... be confused, i am too.

CHICKEN! an episode in the little black book

it's an old story from the before i burned down my last library in a fit of self pity. haahaa, gods i love this cafe.


i wrote this a couple of years ago and just found it again when i was looking through some of my old notebooks. i've only changed it a little. tell me what you think.

melly the princess

the plot is kinda weak but i like the characters, i had to add some magical aspects to get it to be able to be posted but i think it all blended well anyway. tell me what you think.