Kim E. Hjelm

is a 19 year old student who writes those few precious times he can find the time and inspiration for it... I should be posting a couple of more poems soon, I just have to finish them one of these days *sighs* there is just not enough time... I guess I'm a quite ordinary guy who just needs something to do / has nothing better to do with his time then to write about how much everything hurts at times... trying to adress it in words... though I do have trouble to write about happy things but I try, just never seem to find the words for it... so for the poeple who reads this and my poems I just wanna say- 'I'm not sad all the time and my life isn't as bad as it would seem from the poems it's just the side i show when I'm writing' Life's great once you start living it... never forget that people, well enough from me I'll just slip into my melancholic moods again and try to write some new poems to post here =)... Well this has taken more time then it should have done, 'cause of a lots of different reasons, though I should post a couple of my song lyrics in not too long. Time is to short no matter how you use yours it seems, well nothing to do but to get your ass to work and do what you're suppose to...

Living Without

without is in my opinion one of the better things I have written it's about... you guessed it lonliness I like it but that's just me...

Love poem

this is a short one about love

Something about love

i don't know something i wrote kinda nice but still sad

a Lovely Maiden


In My Arms

in my arms

Dark Tranquillity

another short one about pain and expections

My Mistress

a short one about a mistress?

Why? the short one

this is my favorite part of the long why story

Deep Stuff

one about the darkness of the soul and feeling hoplessness


this is a longer one about questions in life and why? things happends

Not now... not yet.. not ever / Bleed

this is two kinda dark poems about about feelings the darker feelings in life