Haley 'Everlorn' Baker

I am a born-again Christian. God comes first. Period.My name's Haley, & I'm an 18 year-oldĀ art major at Belhaven in Jackson Mississippi.My sincerest thanks to everyone who has visited and enjoyed, but this profile has increasingly become a testament to my immaturity as a younger artist. I haven't updated in over a year and spend most of my internet time at my DevArt account (www.maranianthe.deviantart.com). Feel free to visit there as I update regularly. This is probably one of the last times I post here. Being an art major with a part time job and real life approaching is serious business. Seriousness I have not built up here. I'm not closing my profile. I am even updating some new(er) pieces to show how far I've come. I wish everyone the best and have fun surfing.God bless!Haley