Haley 'Everlorn' Baker

Hey I'm a Christian chick living in Mississippi, and I'm a soon-to-be Junior (yikes!) in high school. This is my fanart page. For more info about me, see my other pages. Mostly HP art here, and some Narnia. Blame my friends Jessica and Abby for almost shoving the HP books under my nose this past spring. JK wrote some awesome stuff, not as good as Narnia in my opinion, but to each her own! P.S. Thanks Jessica for letting me borrow your scanner! Blue Punch Forever!

Tears of the Widows

Another mythology assignment, we had to write a myth explaining a natural phenomena. Short and sad, this is what I wrote.

speculation of creation

In a project for mythology class I had to write a creation myth. It reeks of Silmarillion, but I couldn't get it out of my head. Once again, I crave comments.

Twice saved, twice surprised

It is about one year ago I stumbled on a little site called Elfwood. It is also about one year ago my avatar (a spunky faery who represents me in drawings) and my muse (a micheivious imp who gives me ideas) started going out. They asked for a story on how they first met, so I gave it to them. Happy anniversary!

The Fox Child: Chapter 1

The first chapter of a future novel. It gets more epic I promise. For all those who don't know their talents. Please comment!

A Very 'Fowl' Enchantment

This is just a humorous short story I wrote in one day. It started with an idea. There are alot of stories of the common enchanted animals. What about an animal that wasn't so common?

My Best Friend, the Prince

This is a story built on random inspirations. Part fairy tale, part chick flick, hope you enjoy.