Auristela and Sidra Karney

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Haley 'Everlorn' Baker

These are my Harry Potter original chars. Auristela is my Marauders character and Sidra's mother. Aurie was the Gryffndor flirt in her school days and toyed with several boys, including Remus and Sirius. After Hogwarts, she joined the Order. Shortly before Harry was born, Auristela became pregnant with Sidra. Either Remus or Sirius was the father but Aurie refused to tell anyone, even them. When Sidra was born, her mother sent her to America to be raised by her grandparents. Auristela then lived in hiding as a muggle until Sidra turned 10. Then she got an odds & ends job at Hogwarts, so she and Sidra relocated to Hogsmead. Sidra got into Hogwarts and is in Gryffndor house as well. She's tougher & has more attitude than Auristela and is good friends with the trio. She & her mom get along well except for the issue of Sidra's questionable paternity, which seems to be surfacing here. Harry Potter universe (c) JK Rowling. Characters (c) me.

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