ok, well i don't write anymore, this is all oldschool shit that i did in middleschool, i think i'll leave this site up just because i'm kind of lazy. if you want to see my current art site check out i do more photography and culinary stuff than anything else

The World of Zarne ch.1 part1

um this is the first part of the ch. because it is too long and read the prolouge first or it wont make any sence

The world of Zarne prolouge1

um it is the second part of the prolouge so read the other one before this one! k?

My Daughter Got Back Today

um i got bored in class and this poped up in my head, so i typed it out, read it to my friends, who got slightly disturbed and then decided to puit it up here, i don't know if it classifies as horror, but ya, a short story that basically says it all ~_^

the ending of 'the little green thingy'

this is not in order so read the other one first

The World of Zarne ch. 1 part 2

read the first part first and the prologoue and give me a lot of critisism k? I know it's not perfect

The World of Zarne prologue2

yay ok this is the last part of the prolouge and then go to the acual ch.

the bigining of 'the little green thingy'

this is the biggining of the little green thingy read this first (only for this one and the other one the others in here have nothing to do with this story, and you will get confused if you read them thinking it is the next part of the stroy