Holly Holdsworth

Ha! I'm 16 now and looking back at this account, just... wow. This place need updating!... another day. I have a puppy now! His name is Flint and he was born on 1st June 2009. Well, that's it. I'm not going to take George out of the stories as I said, but he went 24th October 2008 while I was at school. RIP George.12th Fabruary 1995 - 24th October 2008 I like George, Henry, Jeeves, Molly, Flint, Scratchy. <3 Favourite books I love most of the ones I read.

The Darkness of Fate 7

Please don't make me say this again. The same old story. Written by a rubbish newbie. So, yea. Hi......CHEESE! Now that's what you call random! *winner of the random award* yay! (random award may not exist)


Just a story about Hellhound I wrote when I was bored. Not much to say about it.

The Darkness of Fate 8- updated.

What do you think? It's all in the title. Updated so now it is actually a decent piece. It is a full-legnth chapter- whoot! Hurrah for the worst story and writer ever!(aka- The Darkness of Fate + me!)

The Darkness of Fate 6

Next chapter... nothing else to say really. Just dragons and me... in a different form... the form of Kaleen... blurble... and... hi...