Keri Keritsubo

Hi, here is my stuff. Its below... not real recent stuff and not professional either. Not many updates here since no one seems to leave many comments but I'm trying... I write poetry, short stories, and some philosophy... though all you really see here is the poetry and some stories.

Greenslie (1)

In the usually peaceful city of Greenslie things start to happen. High school girls mysteriously disappear without a trace. Alex Tierman knowns about all this, one had been his classmate and middle school sweet heart. The story begins on his way home from a game when just miles out of Greenslie he stops and picks up a young woman. Yet not just any oridinary young woman... someone very different.

Sagi's Story

Sagittia Barmishlawn, or just Sagi depending on how well you know her, is not your average medievel maiden. In fact she's far from those damsels in distress that you read about in other stories. She's many things but a princess or even a country girl is not one of them, despite the fact she may have started out like one. Okay so Sagittia started out as Sagittialaree Annyah Deenoca a quiet, simple country girl. I'd say that doesn't matter as much as what she turned out to be but it does. For what makes our present is our past and when those two combine we find our future... So this is Sagittia's past.

Greenslie (3)

The more he was around her the more odd she seemed. This young woman Alex had picked up on the side of the highway had stayed over night and he was beginning to wonder who she was. Where had she come from and who was this Darion she was looking for. Not that those thing mattered urgently, he had trigonometry to get done.

Jennara's Poem

At one time Jennara's friends at the Red Dragon Inn were put through so much she couldn't stand it. So to end it all she offered herself into slavery. This is the words she spoke when she made the final decision...

Greenslie (2)

((Continued from Greenslie)) Who was this girl. She seemed to no so much and Alex couldn't figure out why. He'd never seen her before let alone talk to her. Yet it seemed so comfortable to and now even his little sister, who liked barely anybody, was talking freely to the woman. It all seemed too wierd and not only that she was a hitchhiker. What would his father think of that?

New Master (Kellia)

This will be the first in a series, hopefully, of what was intended to be poems. Not sure what it is any more but here's some information. Kellia is who's mind your about to enter. She is a pegasus, who was made to be a slave by some unknown sorcerer and then sold off. For years she's been without a master and though she doesn't wish to remain with the traveling merchants neither does she want to go with the man who seems interested in her. This is her reaction to the dealings going on before her that will virtually decide her fate. (I've no real idea what I was thinking while writing this. Was supposed to be a poem based off of a roleplay I've been doing.)

To Patrons of the Red Dragon Inn

This starts out like 'A second Jennara's Poem' I know because after I wrote that one I thought the beginning would make a fine poem to dedicate to all of those people who felt a loss when the Red Dragon Inn closed down. Or have ever lost a place of roleplay.

A second Jennara's Poem

The story behind this is that after the Red Dragon Inn closed down Jennara went off to once again wander alone. She felt a great loss for those who had become a second family to her. But then she found someone from that Inn. A close friend and this poem tells of her journey after the closing of the RDI and the joy that turned suddenly tragic in finding her friend again.

No Idea

The title should probably read 'Untitled' because I have no real idea what this is. I wrote it after writing 'A second Jennara's Poem' and 'To Patrons of the Red Dragon Inn'. I guess I was just kind of on a roll and I really don't know where this came from. But, hey, who asks the muse for something better when they've already given you something you can be satisfied with? I wouldn't... you might end up with something worse.