Amy Hollier

Updates, always fun... 18 turned recently around, graduated within the week of turning 'adult'. Stuff is fun, stuff is unfun, life's the same way. Most everything here is old. OLD. More than a year old. 'Giant' I just did. Working on some new pieces with my new Wacon Intuos, 12x12. Yay for drawing tablets. I work with Corel Paint, as I can't get a copy of PhotoShop 6. Whee fun. Ready to move out but devoid of the funds necessary. I'll get them if I have to like like an Amish person. Yea, so, on to the gallery. Just a hint: Above all else, we artists and writers LOVE comments. So, if you feel in the least compelled, try to hit that 'Leave a Comment for this Piece' button below the actual pic, much appreciated in advance.