Raven dance

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Sarah Hollman

Lucifer (the angel) and Rein (the elf) performing a traditional dance from the raven clan. Rein is a high priest of the raven clan, but to have reached such heights, he had to sacrifice his eye-sight. He knows the dance so well, and trusts Lucifer so much that he can perform the dance and execute it perfectly. Lucifer has also been a performer for millenia, so it picked up the steps quickly when Rein taught it earlier in the day. Later that day they perform it to an audience : Rein began to sing, a traditional song of the raven clan and so ancient that the language it was being recited in was not Icelandic, but Pictish. Rein was recounting the legend of how the raven imparted its wisdom to the elven hero who founded the raven clan. The audience wasn’t sure what was going on, but as they watched Rein gesticulate as he sang, they began to understand what was being told.       Rein re-kindled the fire, and suddenly Lucifer was sitting on the other side of it, its head bowed and its face covered in a raven mask. No one had seen the angel come into the circle. Its hands were clothed in gloves made of strips of black cloth, each finger ending in a long talon fashioned of wood. Rein looked surprised and leapt up as he sang, and Lucifer did the same without saying anything. Its lithe movements were beautiful and hypnotic as it danced the way Rein moved, enhancing the elf’s movements as it repeated them. They circled the fire, Rein remembering the dance so well from memory that he was always perfectly placed even though he couldn’t see Lucifer’s movements. Lucifer was so good a pupil that every movement it had been taught was being exactly repeated, so that wherever Rein had expected it to be, there it was.       Rein was now backing away from the fire, and so was Lucifer, when suddenly Rein ran to the fire and leaped over it. Lucifer had done the same thing, and in midair over the fire they clasped hands and rotated over the flames, landing facing each other on the other side. Now both began to sing the song, and as they sang, Lucifer released its wings very slowly, so that only after the last stanza was recited that detailed the most important part of the story were the wings fully materialized. At that point, Rein and Lucifer were dancing together on the same side of the fire, leaping and twisting in the air about each other, Lucifer’s wings fanning the flames to make them dance as well. The dance became more and more enthusiastic, the leaps higher and more amazing, until they both landed on the ground and suddenly the fire was out. The audience gasped and strained to see where they had gone. They had vanished.      

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