Devin Holley

I'm currently a student at a community college about half an hour away and my teachers seem to like to pile on the homework which leaves me with very little time to draw and paint or check this page.  I don't wind up on this page very often which is an inconvenience. Currently, I'm working on a watercolor painting, though I don't use this medium enough to be incredible with it yet.  My favorite artists on this community are Stephanie Pui Mun Law and Vitaly Alexius Samarin, and I hope I spelled that right. I draw inspiration mostly from various Asian and African mythologies, but sometimes songs will do it too.  At the moment, art is just a hobby for me, but as I keep trying to broaden my range of skills (right now I'm experimenting with watercolors and wood carving) I keep thinking that I wouldn't mind persuing it as a career.  The drawings I have up right now aren't recent, but when I get around to adding some more drawings, paintings, etc., I'll be sure to put up more recent stuff. I like Down hill skiing, camping, drawing, Holidays, sleeping Favourite movies Stephen King's It, Dead Silence, Candy Man, 1408, Psycho- That look the hotel guy gives at the end of the movie scares the crap out of me. Favourite books Let's go with the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings-The two towers, Salem's Lot, Insomnia, Carry, Through the Looking Glass, and The Dark Tower series. My favorite is the second book in the dark tower series. Detta and Odetta are pretty cool. Favourite music Slipknot--Duality, The blister exists, Pulse of the Maggots, Sulfur and Dead memories. Notorious B.I.G.--Big Poppa, Suicidal Thoughts. Mudvayne--Fall Into Sleep. Tupac--Changes. Kanye West--Slow Jamz, Jesus Walks, Gold Digger, Roses, Diamonds of Searra Leone. DMX-- X gon' give it to ya, Party up.