Holly Alp

Hello! my name is Holly Alp and im a freelance illustrator living in Spain. In my work I use a varied range of media, some images were created using anything from 1 to 6 different types of mediums. The mediums consist mostly of ink, oils, watercolour, pastels, gutta and acrylic paint. Although a majority of artwork is hand painted, I use Photoshop 7 to do special effects, backgrounds and colour intensity on selected pieces. Influenced by artists such as Yogenkaisha Amano, Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham and Bruce McNally. Especially growing up in the 80s and early 90s watching cartoons/films of fiction and fantasy like “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”, Japanese anime/Manga, “The Labyrinth”, “The Dark Crystal” and “The Flight of Dragons” to name a few.  I like Drawing (surprise!) Working on my own novel - aiming for a publish date of 2011 Favourite movies im a real 80s child - if it had painfully bright colours and a naff lesson to be learned at the end, i probably watched it lol. Favourite books hmm...most recent was The War of the Flowers - nice read, nice plot. Favourite music James Horner, John Williams and James Howard Newton.