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Hello! I'll get the basics over with and go on to the more interesting stuff. My name, as you can see, is Holly, but I much prefer to be called Hwesta. I'm about 5'8"', slender and have brown hair that used to be blonde. I have blue-gray eyes, wear glasses and was born on December 6, 1989, which makes me almost 18. I have only two rules here: Read and comment. I love comments. They make my day. The more you comment, the more I write! I always try to reply to comments, though speed is not promised. ^^ And if you comment, chances are I'll check out your shelf/gallery! So you get to make me happy and get a visitor at the same time. Good deal, eh? I like reading, writing, drawing, dolling, friends, LARPing (technically freeform RPing), d20 Modern/Future, Girl Guides/Girl Scouts, computers, programming, websites, internet, gaming. Favourite movies Firefly, B5, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note. Favourite books Steven Brust (absolutely adore), Lois McMaster Bujold, Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, Laurie J Marks, Dragonlance Chronicle and Legends, Jacqueline Carey, Gareth Nix and miscellaneous others.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Eight

And Driel and Vahie get to save the two old ladies from a burning building... almost. End of Part One.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Seventeen

And Vahie visits her first contact, with some advice from Ildalia. I really need to come up with more interesting descriptions, don't I?

Waking Dreams: Chapter Ten

Introduction of Amaurea, and the start of Vahie's memory sequence. Finally a bit of explanation as to the waking dreams and mind powers!

Waking Dreams: Chapter Thirteen

And Amaurea returns. Vahie is also delighted to learn something about the Order's library.

Personalities 2: Insanity Unleashed

Reva hears voices that aren't just voices; they're actual people, alternate personalities. Unlike most others with her ability, however, all of her personalities are evil. What do you do when you can't control youself?

Waking Dreams: Chapter Five

Once again continuing on about Driel, Vahie and waking dreams. Poor Driel still refuses to admit to the obvious.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Eighteen

I think Vahie needs more good luck - she's going to try and steal a most precious item from Sondaston.

How the mighty do fall: Dark Ecstasy

A dark sorceress prepares to do a familar ritual, but this time something will go wrong...

Waking Dreams: Chapter Twelve

Vahie's induction into the Order - sort of. She gets called and tested, and I had fun with that.

Personalities 1: To Be Alone

What do you do if you have voices in your head that are more than voices? That are real people, people that you can see and talk to? That is what Rivka has to discover.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Seven

Now Driel's story get more interesting. A waking prophesizes the death of two people, and naturally, Driel has to go save them.

Waking Dreams: Chapters Two and Three

Continuing the story of Driel and her waking dreams... Entrance of Vahie.

DotF: Discovery, Change and Exile

A honorable tribesperson discovers something shocking about her mentor and is later exiled from her tribe. How does she deal with this?

Waking Dreams: Chapter Sixteen

Oh, the joys of meeting a contact that knows way more than you do about the intelligence business...

How the mighty do fall: A Shining Light

The tale of a young man's journey from soldier to king... and how it ends.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Nine

Start of Part Two - also a change of PoV to Vahie. Totally new tangent, so you'll have to wait for Part Three to find out what happens to Driel. Don't hurt me! *g*

Waking Dreams: Chapter Fourteen

Lucky Vahie - she finally gets her coveted first mission.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Fifteen

Vahie pretends not to freak out as she prepares for her first mission. Bit of a history lesson, too.

Ponderings of a color: Red

An unknown character's thoughts on the color red. Rather contemplative and introverted. See what happens over the summer when I get bored?

Goddess' Chosen

Marceline always thinks the best of her twin, Zephyrine. But they are part of more than they realize. The goddess Psyche wants to use them to kill the other goddesses. Written for a writing contest at my library, it's a bit shorter than usual since there was a word limit. Tell me what you think of the ending.


Not personal experience, but just something I felt inspired to write.

The Sriya

The religious text for one of the religions on Thrae. It's a unique pieces, but I think it's interesting.

Waking Dreams: Prologue and Chapter One

Driel has waking dreams; memories she can't control of events that didn't happen to her. Sometimes the come from the future, and predict things that are going to happen that she must stop. To make things even better, Driel finds herself falling in love with someone she really doesn't want to. This is my NaNoWriMo story, and the rough draft at that, so I'm going more for quantity than quality. I will edit, but not until I finish writing the rough draft!

Waking Dreams: Chapter Eleven

More on Amaurea and Vahie, as well as a few other trainee memebers. Some humor, and the end of Vahie's time in the Complex.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Six

Continuing... do I really need to say it again? Entrance of Jane, and Driel learns something very important.


A shipwrecked woman is cast on the shores of a deserted island. There she discovers something completely unexptected. If artists are allowed to put up sketches, writers are allowed to put up writing exercises, right?

Waking Dreams: Chapter Four

Still continuing the story of Driel, Vahie and Driel's waking dreams. I'll be saying that a lot.

How the Mighty do Fall: Fire in the Sky

The Chosen ones have discovered the secret to immortality, but at what cost?