Holly Fredericks

FINALLY I AM AN ELFWOOD MEMBER!! i've been admiring others' artwork on this site for a few years now. i am really excited to share some of my work with others. Please tell me exactly what you think. Sometimes the truth hurts, and that's OK. i am 21 yrs old and i work part time as a customer sales rep and a full time college student studying electronics technology. i live in Idaho and i hate potatoes, especially mashed (smashed?) i have been drawing forever, and i only took a few high school art classes. i'm really bad at colors, but i have been trying more and more. most of my stuff is pencil and color pencil, but i hope to get photoshop soon and be a little bolder! 9/27/03-so i'm updating (finally)with some more colors. please tell me what you think. also send me an e-mail anytime or IM me. ciao!