Melissa O´Dowd

Hiya, glad you found me. Who am I?  you ask, well, I'm a 24yr old Female from Aussie. Um... well yeah, I can write fantasy but when it comes to reality I seem to have some trouble.Here try this...I started writing during my exams in University, because I didn't want to be stuck in a book whilst studying, but had a 2hr trip to and from uni each day. I'm a LOTR nut, to prove this I attend conventions (in multiple costumes that I made myself), write in Dwarvish, and speak in both forms of Tolkien's Elvish. That and I toured New Zealand checking the movie locations.Aside from LOTR I love the environment - esp snakes (which I used to handle with a company who did snake demonstrations for children and adults at country shows.) I am also an amateur artist. Been drawing for years, but only recently have a begun seriously to work on improving my skills - starting with figure drawing. Um, yeah that's enough for now. ^_^

Chapter 18, Nothing is as burdonsome as a secret

Moving along in the Elves hunt for home.

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the War, pt 1

The aftermath of the Attack

Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 1

Squee - this is coming up quicker than I thought. Okay, here as the title suggests is some new characters. There's more than meets the eye with these guys, but you'll have to wait and see...

Chapter 04 - Acceber

Okay, this is the shortest chapter so far. There is heaps of room for me to expand on, but right now... I'm too tired.

Chapter 09, The Hunter or the Hunted

Things are moving now, things I don't even understand... Should make it interesting for all

Chapter 08 - The Scout, part 2

The story continues...

Chapter 02 - The Tunnel, Part 1

Well here's chapter 2 (its in 2 parts cos its too long otherwise, trying to encourage people to read all of it). There's a couple of sub-stories that I'm having issues with (namely Jalithe's whole story) so if it seems a little disjointed in parts, this will be why. Any suggestions are as always, greatly apprieceted.

Chapter 13, Plots Thicken pt 2

Ah! Help has arrived... sort of

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the war pt 2

same as the previous part, explanation and setting up of future events

Chapter 06 - Deep in the woods

My first attempt at action and bad guys... Yeah I'm gonna re-write this one a few times. Not really happy with it.

Oceana's People - history

This is the Water Nymphs view of the creation of their world. I'm still unsure as to where Im going with this, as I wrote it when suffering Writer block in my main story Enjoy, and please help me improve with constructive comments

Chapter 14, Shadowy Explanations pt 2

As before

Chapter 16, Knife of Obsidian

Survival, at any cost personal survival is all that matters...

Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 2

Okay, this is the problem solving part of this Tunneling project. That's all I'm gonna tell ya ;p you have to read it to find out...

Chapter 11, Attack of the Gulls pt 2

Everyone seems to be in trouble today. Who will come out of this alive

Chapter 17, Half truths

Sort of a chopped up chapter. It's been moved from its original place, and I need to do a rewrite. But its back to our Elven friends for a while

Chapter 15, Visions and Fellowship

Visions to explain and warn. Tempers flare and lead to new discoveries.

Chapter 05 - The Leave Taking, Part 2

Here come those surprises I promised!! I think I get better in the next chapter... I think :s

Chapter 07 - On to Elven home

Time for a bit of a rest... for them not me... Sorry minor writers block, so this chapter is a bit of a gathering of ideas, and leading to where I wanted to be going in the first place (in like chapter 4?)

Chapter 01 - In the Beginning

Well, here it is. Not perfect by any means, but the first draft of Chapter one of ?? (I haven't got a title for my book yet) This tells of the creation, and of two peoples. I know many of my characters need development and I'm starting on that now. Anyway, please leave comments, and help me pick up spelling/grammer/typos as the computers I'm using aren't so great (that's what comes of writing while traveling) Enjoy

Chapter 10, In the Royal Court, part 2

Dum de dum dum... oooh what's going to happen next? Actually I don't know, finally this is all I have written thus far... your guess is as good as mine (well maybe)

Chapter 14, Shadowy explanations pt 1

um, more backstory and the setting of new plot lines (yeah I think I finally know where this is going)

Chapter 11 Attack of the Gulls prt 1

Things are going badly in Yonbe, Chaos reins. You will meet many new friends, but how long will you know them before they fall to the Shadows...

Chapter 02 - The Tunnel, Part 2

Okay this follows from part 1. I'm gonna have to do this for a few of my chapters, as they're about 6-8 pages on average. Which tends to be a bit on the long side for online reading... So this in this part you get to see the Tunnel (so to speak) and some twists to the end...

The Urisk

Just a short peom I wrote while at work. Inspired by the Urisks in Cecila Dart-Thorton's BitterBynde Trilogy

Chapter 08 - The Scout, part 1

Three go forth to seek the safe paths. Adventure lies before them, and danger lies for those left behind...

Chapter 05 - The Leave Taking, Part 1

Well, this is sort of a fill in chapter. I've got an idea of what comes next, (okay, I've written it) but I had to get there first... Enjoy, and Please comment ... PLEASE>>

Chapter 13, Plots Thicken Pt 1

So Sari has got herself in trouble, Wonder who'll help her to get out of it.

The Kings Record - Coming to Yonbe

This is a part of my novel that Im writing - first time anyone has seen it - it tells of the human's finding their home, and their encounter with the seafolk (similar to mermaids) Please give me feedack as to what you think, this is just the first draft... There will be more to come; promise

Chapter 10, In the Royal Court, part 1

Hmm, this may be pushed back to a later chapter, just had to write it...