Greetings and Salutations!I am a artist schooled in animation techniques and carry a Bachelors of Science in an art degree. How neat is that?Dragons, werewolves, and general anthropomorphic themes are my main stay. But I also love monsters of all sorts and kinds. I have a twisted sense of humor and sometimes it shows in my artwork.I'm profiecent in graphite (pencil) work, and have a strong understanding of Digital mediums. I'm still working on my Traditional coloring skills. I have the concepts of what I should be doing down pat, but the proactice of it.., well.., takes practice. Current color media I am proficent with are Chalk Pastels, Colored Pencils ( pencil Crayons ), and /some/ marker work. I paint when I have the inspiration to and should scan in some of my paintings. ^.^ NEWS: Gone Freelance once more after a handful of years at various art-esque jobs. Looking for a more solid form of work, with more stability that can be flexible with my needs as a mom. I like Dragons, Gryphons, Horror, Werewolves, Reading Fiction, Reading Sci Fi, writing Fiction, and more! Favourite movies Almost anything werewolf related (Gingersnaps, Dog Soldiers), Ben 10 Favourite books Redwall, Watership Down, Clan of the Cave Bear Series Favourite music Industrial, goth, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock