Jens Hornestedt

(updated 00.06.13) Hello, and welcome to my gallery :) I was born in 79 and started drawing as soon as my chubby little fingers could hold a pen, at least thats what ive been told :) I am now studying Gastronomy at the university of UmeƄ and just finished my first year, three to go *phew*. At least beeing a student gives me some time to keep drawing, as well as providing me with a free cable access to the net ;) hardly ever use colours in my drawings, I'm experimenting at the moment though, both with computer paintings and coloured pencils. I use almost exclusively pencil for my drawings, and my inspiration comes from comics, books, and ive also done the occasional request. Finally, I must really praise Elfwood. So far, its the best place I've found on the net, I keep finding myself sitting in front of the screen, lost for hours in this place with a stupid grin on my face looking at all the beautiful art, reading the stories, taking the tours and learning something at FARP. Please leave a comment, good or bad. The more constructive crisicism i get, the better I can become :)