Rebecca Hill

Hello. I have just joined Elfwood because I heard that this is the place to read great and publish fantasy stories. I have a very active imagination that will hopefully do me good when I write stories. She is also a member of Elfwood and her name is Lindsey Welborn. My inspirations are the stories that are written by my Lindsey. Hopefully before too long I will have a few stories that might inspire you.


This is another poem that I wrote i the 6th grade. And its one of my cousins favorites. Hope u like it, so comment after u are done reading.

My Day

This is part of the project I did in the 6th grade. Please comment after you are done reading.

What Lies Past the Black Hole?

This is a poem that is part of a project that I had to do in the 6th grade. Hope you like them. Please comment on them after u are done.