I work as a 3-D designer and courseware writer, and I love being creative. For your information (because I know it can be a bit confusing at first) my story is written in the second person and the 'reader' is female. It is a tale of a journey through a special place to parts unknown. I have found that the story is most enjoyable imagining that you, as the reader, are the main character, and hold back on any differences you may have with decisions the reader makes. I also have artwork in the Fantasy Art section - Gallery #3.

Journey Part 05 - The Ball

Of course not so surreal can be strange too, especially as power grows.

Journey Part 07 - Pond

Where secrets could be held.

Journey Part 03 - Gazebo

The transition to the surreal.

Journey Part 04 - Music

In the surreal, odd things can happen.

Journey Part 08 - The Arena

The past lies in ruins.

Journey Part 09 - Barnaby

All steps along the way...

Journey Part 01 - The Shrine

You begin the journey...

Journey Part 10 - The Castle

Would you rather see the truth, or remain in fantasy?

Journey Part 06 - The Valley

A trek towards understanding.

Journey Part 02 - The Doorway

Things change when you find a way inside.