Michael Hoyer

Welcome. I write for fun, though some day I may like to get paid for it. I'm interested in both epic fantasy and 'space opera' style science fiction. No hard SciFi here. I tend to overthink stories to the point where I end up afraid to write them, but I'm getting better. I hope you enjoy my stories. You probably won't see anything ground-breaking, but you shouldn't be bored either. Oh, I'm not great with HTML, so bear (bare?) with me. I'm inspired by most every author I've ever read, but a few books that stand out are Redwall, The Princess Bride, and the Well of Souls series. As for TV and movies, Dr Who, The Last Starfighter, and of course Star Wars all jump to mind.

Prologue - The Death of the Ivanhoe

The starship Ivanhoe encounters hostile alien lifeforms. I edited some of the more graphic bits before uploading.

Wraith - Teaser

A teaser-style bit of prose. One of a group of young people hints at events that have happened since they found a strange alien spaceship, and explains what has happened to him personally.