Sara Hrkach

Well, here I sit in front of my computer screen trying to come up with stuff to put into a bio thing-a-ma-glog again. I suck at these things... Umm....the picture of me was a little while ago, and my hair is no longer that color ^_^;; It's now turquoise. I'm also holding my black cat, Chibi, though she may be hard to see. Umm...I love to draw anime, and pretty much all te pictures hereare based on it...eventully I may get some non-anime pictures, due to my Studio Ats class. Riiiight...well, I guess I filled up enough space. Go look through the pictures, and if you finish or get bored, go visit mywebsite and sign the GB! ^_^ ((Yes, I am fully aware of the shameless promo that was... ^_^;;))