Anna Moonfrost

Ok time for new greeting.... Hello all, this is Wolf I kicked Moonfrost off for a moment, I would like to bid you kind greetings and much gratitude for any comments that have been left for my slightly insane ... friend, she is still repairing her work. There are improvements, but do to school she hasn't updating in a long while and they aren't seen. I personallly think she needs to lighten her self-criticism up a bit. Any way, I won't be available for much longer if I don't remove myself from this message now----WOLF! Gah... Oh well. Anyways he's right I haven't updated in forever, hopefully i'll do that soon. When? I have no idea. For now, welcome to my patch of the woods, this is my den. Enjoy (feel free to comment).   I like Drawing(abviously) and reading every now and then as well as writing at the spur of the moment. Favourite movies I like Wolfs rain, inuyasha(every now and then), DNAngel (IS ASOME!!!!! i love it) , i sorta like Code Geass, Bleach (to an extent), and i do actually like Naruto no matter what my siblings say (they think its retardly dumb but there is a limit to my liking it), and i like Black Cat (the anime) Favourite books Evil Librarians(think its Scifi) also i like eragon, twilight (the whole series), um and a whole lot more books that could fill up a book shelf!(and more) Favourite music not sure (country) random songs every now and then I like Link Park, Evessance and a song called 'Stand in the Rain' by Superchick whoever that is(more but don't know the names or musicians)