Adele Hudson

Good morning, afternoon, evening and goodnight! You have stumbled into a realm of dream imagery fuled by late nights, rock&roll and coffee breaks. I'm Adele, I'm 16 from MANCHESTOHHHHH!! (in english that's Manchester, north west England. um UK) and I'm in that pic cleverly disguised...mwahaha! I am  the biggest idiot in the universe a total genius! You'll soon get to know my subjects that I have crammed in this gallery of masked demons with overly-tall hop hats and spade obsessions, undead children's dollies, mythical equines of a punk rock nature, anorexic figured blue haired angels with pinstripe fetishes and fire breathing sheep among other things... I draw because it's a gift I have grown up with all of my life, I was scribbling with a pencil before I took my first steps I imagine =] and I hope looking through this gallery of colourful critters inspired by random thoughts and song lyrics, you find something you like. That might inspire you or just simply made you smile...even a little smirk. I hope you'd leave me a pretty comment. I reply to every one of them as soon as possible, and if they're written by other elfwood artists, then I like to return some kind words to their art too DEFFO :D If you see a picture that is commentless. Do feel free to perform a first comment dance. Take away it's comment virginity. Or any other ritual you feel the need to undergo. It will be much appriciated. Thankyou =] Any questions? Anything you need answering about my art? Email/MSN me Or if you want to know anything more about me then feel free to banter. So thanks for stopping to read this bio and hope you like the colourful shiz down there. loveyouandleaveyou be sure to look at me good mate eleanor jones ' gallery, she's given me so much support all the way! leave her some ace comments. thankyou! =]