Samantha Hughes

I'm 18, english and soon off to uni to study archaeology and ancient history, which should be a whole lot more fun than the business and english courses that I've just finished. I own no scanner, and as a result, everything on here is really old and hence the reason why nothing's been updated in the past two years. If I ever get around to it, I'll put up some of my more recent, more DECENT stuff. As a result of this 'Faery'and 'Strung Up Elf' have already been taken down. Anything that's up at the mo should just be considered a space filler and nothing more. You know the point where you look back at stuff you've done in the past and physically cringed? Yeah? Well I'm at that point now so none of this stuff is liable to say up for much longer, which I'm sure is a relief to anyone reading this 8)