Hugo G. Damas

I am a portuguese kid who can't draw and doesn't yet know how to program that well. But I really want to put the things I imagine somewhere, give them substance and a certain bit of reality and so I write, put it on paper like if I was describing a movie. I often find my self daydreaming, fortunally not that much during classes. I love to do it, think about dialogues, give them a scenario, fights, worlds, character's behaviors, heros, cowards, etc. I really love to just think about stories and such, form them. I get too excited sometimes with ideas. I just really like it. And Thus, I really like to read other stories, movies and, of course, games because they all are imaginative and original but mainly imaginative and I do love imagination.

Vhilwin's tale pt2

Vhilwin meets the human world.

Vhilwin's tale pt1

A story going on in a world at war, about a warrior who was born from both sides