Anna Huittinen

Hello there. Welcome to my space!Try to enjoy!   6.5.2008 Oh my godness.. I really need to update something new her soon....! But I've lost my inspiration for a long time now.. Very sad but oh, so true 21.11.2007 *Goes over her pics and deletes some of 'em...I really need more new stuff in here now!...Maybe a nicer dragon?! That one is crappy*19.11.2007 One new pic... "Angels fall first"      I like Taekwondo and obviously drawing Favourite movies Of course the Lord of the Rings trilogy... Mists of Avalon Favourite books LOTR, the Earthsea books by Ursula Leguin Favourite music 30 seconds to mars, Stone Sour, Mudvaye, Metallica, the kind of music you can find on the Celtic Circles... Umm. Those are the most important.