Danielle Hulsopple

I apologize for the lack of art in this gallery. I have been in a drawing drought recently, and fan art is something I have a hard time with. I have a couple of pictures in progress at the moment, so please. be patient, I should have more coming soon. You can always take a look at my other pages! It would be much appreciated!The only two Comics I have done fan art for at the moment, are Kagerou and El Gooish Shive. Kagrou was introduced to me by my Ex boyfriend. It really captured me with it's increadible story line and fantastic art. El Goonish Shive was shown to me by a Friend, and agin the story captured my heart, and the art facinated me. You can find Kagerou at http://www.electric-manga.com/ and it is Copywrite Luka Delaney. You can find El Goonish Shive at http://www.elgoonishshive.com/ and it is Copywrite and trademarked to Dan Shive. I have also done a small bit of Zelda Fan art. Link and Zelda both copywrite Nintendo.